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We Create Raving Fans

“For the past several years, Strategic Factory has handled our open enrollment copying and mailing for 900+ retirees, and each year the work has been excellent. It is such a blessing to have a partner to rely upon to handle this huge task annually.”

- Kathy Burk, Howard County Office of Human Resources

“The whole process was a pleasant experience. Everyone there is so flexible with changes and we greatly appreciate it.”

- Ellen Blake, Baltimore County MD – Dept of Health and Human Services

“The finished product was exactly what I had envisioned.”

- Laurel Rupert, Harvest Investment Consultants

“Three words describe the level of service I received: Accurate, Fast, and Fair.”

- Shamika Walker, JAI Medical Systems

“The service and attentiveness of your company is outstanding.”

- Ruthann Carroll, Smyth Jewelers