5 Kits Your Business Needs to Take Advantage Of

July 15, 2022 / Customer Relationships

It’s no secret that gifting your audience with branded swag in kits or bundles leaves an impression. 68% of recipients say getting a custom gift strengthened their relationship with the business that gave it. Tangible and thoughtfully curated custom kits are a powerful marketing tool that can benefit your business in several ways. From generating and converting leads to making current clients and employees feel appreciated, custom kits or bundles are so versatile and can be created solely with your specific audience in mind. 

With all the benefits custom kits provide, there’s no better time for your business to start taking advantage of this effective marketing tool. Suited for any gifting initiative, here are five kits your business should start using right now.

1. Employee Appreciation Kits

Take time to show love to the team that supports you. Letting your employees know they’re valued will improve work performance, boost productivity, increase job satisfaction, and foster loyalty. An employee appreciation kit allows your company to recognize your in-office team members and keeps your remote employees included, which encourages a better team culture. Consider including company-branded items like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and different tech items that employees will find beneficial at their workstations.

2. Employee Recruitment Kits

When it comes to job candidates, recruitment kits are the perfect solution to make a strong impression. They offer your business an opportunity to stand out from the competition with thoughtful items to get them excited about your company. It provides insight into who and what your company values (such as your talented team), making the candidate feel special and view your company favorably. Adding a candidate’s name to one or more company-branded items in the kit makes for a nice personal touch.

3. New-Hire Welcome Kits

Whenever a new employee starts, you always want to welcome them to your company. With a new-hire welcome kit, you can quickly and easily help your new hires feel like they’re a part of the team. Not only that, but it’s the perfect solution for connecting with your remote team and helping them experience your company culture from afar. Items like a personalized journal or a company-branded backpack will help your new team members feel engaged, comfortable, and ready for whatever comes next.

4. Customer Appreciation Kits

Taking the time to show appreciation for the customers who support your business is paramount for maintaining good relationships. A customer appreciation kit will strengthen loyalty to your company and brand and could lead to new opportunities. Customer appreciation kits don’t have to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind kits custom-made for them or their industry. Consider themed kits built around a specific time of year or focused on their favorite things. Even better is one that includes items they’ll find beneficial to their line of work.

5. Company Retreat Kits

Company retreats are a great way to bond and grow with fellow team members. Creating a kit for your retreat with fun takeaways for your employees encourages loyalty, anticipation and excitement for the retreat, buy-in from your team to the goals of your retreat, and will enhance your company culture. It’s also a great way to be inclusive of remote teams, allowing them to get in on the action. Employees love company-branded apparel and promo items that can be factored into your retreat workshops, like mini whiteboards or desk games.

These are only a few potential kit options your company could take advantage of. With a custom kit solution, the options are endless. Our experts at Strategic Factory can assist you in creating a kit that will help you achieve your specific goals. As your single-point provider for kitting, our team has the expertise to build kits and gifts for any occasion. We can help you through every step of the kit-making process, from product sourcing and branding to fulfillment and shipment. You can be sure that your kits are built exactly how you want and get exactly where they need to go. Ready to get started? Contact our team today to learn more.